Prodinity Cyber Solutions Goes Live

10 October 2022


Prodinity establishes an expert team of over 20 Cyber Security Consultants to work with clients in the re/insurance, legal and other sectors, meeting strong demand for cyber security programmes, advanced simulated hacks and penetration testing, as well as virtual cyber security officer support

London, UK – Krakow, Poland 10 October 2022: Data-driven insights specialist, Prodinity, is pleased to announce today the formation of Prodinity Cyber Solutions, established to meet growing demand for comprehensive cyber and data protection strategies across sectors.

Initially targeted at the re/insurance and financial services sectors, Prodinity Cyber Solutions is designed to meet the cyber testing and reporting requirements of Chief Cyber Officers when assessing their business’s resilience.

Prodinity Cyber Solutions consists of a team of more than 20 cyber security consultants, split between an Offensive Team responsible for system penetration ‘PEN’ testing to establish weaknesses in a client’s cyber defences; and a Cyber Compliance Audit and Consulting Team responsible for providing advice on recommended risk mitigation improvements to be applied.

By combining the experience of a team of certified experts with powerful tools for detecting vulnerabilities, the mission of Prodinity Cyber Solutions is to save clients time and money and minimise the risk of successful cyber attacks and data leaks.

The market-leading PEN tests – which take place over an agreed period and include targeted attack simulations using sophisticated technology and tactics – are conducted by accredited professionals with years of experience in the industry.

The outcome of the PEN test is an enhanced and detailed report available rapidly post-test, containing all information necessary to understand, recreate, and rectify the identified vulnerabilities and demonstrate controlled improvement between test cycles.

As well as PEN testing, Prodinity Cyber Solutions also offers support with cyber security programmes, security audits, ‘Red Teaming’ and virtual Cyber Security Officers.

Prodinity Founder and CEO Theunis Viljoen said:

“Prodinity has a wealth of experience helping clients to extract more value out of their data and become truly data-driven businesses and I am delighted to be extending our core offering into the business critical area of cyber risk mitigation and consultation – this is a natural evolution for Prodinity.

The launch of Prodinity Cyber Solutions with a team of highly-experienced cyber security experts is a complementary service to help clients protect their valuable strategic, operational and IP data which is vital in today’s fast-changing business environment.”

Prodinity has over 16 years’ experience in creating customised business insight solutions for clients in the insurance, legal and other sectors. Leading global re/insurance companies have deployed Prodinity’s solutions to support integrations post M&A – as well as due diligence processes, claims analysis, business ledger transformation, commission structure analysis, and much more.



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About Prodinity

Prodinity is a leading insight solution provider. We strive to be a trusted brand known for providing exceptional insight solutions. We continue to expand our competencies and solutions for new industries. We maintain a partner network focused on long-term business relations and development.

The name Prodinity is derived from the Latin word for wisdom ‘prudentia’ and the Norse god of wisdom ‘Odin’ and encapsulates the company’s ability to create insight for our clients. Our logo signifies pulling data points together from various areas, sources and systems and transforming it into a structured insight solution with the aim to create value.

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