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How does a data pooling system work?

Participants monitor their performance against a ‘pool’ of participating companies.

By providing a continuous market read on all market sectors and channels, data pooling systems readily become an industry standard and performance benchmark.

Prodinity Data Pooling (PDP) achieves the utmost levels of accuracy within the hardest to reach corners of a given market.

Data pooling systems provide the only mechanism to identify non-audited sales channels, for example where Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS) data may be unavailable.

PDP acts as a trusted third-party broker and system manager. Participating companies own the data within the system and determine the structure of the system and its future direction.

Information is exclusive to each participating company and is managed by PDP on a secure platform.

The system is established on a shared low-cost basis. Participating companies provide raw data, with the cost of data management, reporting and analysis shared between all participants.

Advantages of data pooling systems

‘Bottom up’ read of total market, from retail through to wholesale and distribution channels.

Regular, frequent and reliable market tracking, with 12 monthly (or 13 ‘4 weekly’) reporting periods providing a total market read throughout the year.

Providing insight into unexplored market share by sector and sales channels.

Analysis of higher profit (and largely unaudited) sales channels.

Assisting monthly management reporting.

Point of reference for trade/industry groups.

Supporting sales & marketing activity.

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