Increase profitability with better data transformation and real-time knowledge.

Combined, structured and simplified data from multiple and complex systems provided quickly in a Single Functional Solution.
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Complicated and lengthy processes to produce even the most basic levels of information

Information stored in systems is inaccessible to business users as data is stored in complex databases

Data requires repetitive and time-consuming manipulation to make it useful, often via complex and unsupportable linked spreadsheets

Information produced is often wrong, inconsistent or out of date, resulting in poor business decisions


A single simplified data warehouse containing real-time consistently transformed data from multiple sources

Key data extracted daily to a simplifying data warehouse hosted on industry safe and secure platforms

Bespoke efficient transformation and enrichment of all required data into a unified model using Prodinity’s proven transformation methodology

Fully documented and consistent business logic applied in one place


Ready to use and clearly transformed data from multiple sources

Information stored in one simplified and reporting-friendly data structure accessible to business users via reporting tools of choice

All required data consistently transformed and enriched daily

Consistent, fast and real-time business insight for better decisions and improved results

Increase profitability with better data transformation and real-time knowledge.

And many more benefits for your business!

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Our 'end to end' functional and real-time data solutions will drive:

Operational insight

Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Reporting and analysis

Margin improvement through revenue enhancement and cost reduction

What we do

We listen carefully and advise wisely!

We are
A friendly and helpful team of specialists with over 20 years’ experience in creating customised Business Insight solutions
Client-side industry and functionally experienced up to C level
Skilled analysts and realistic practitioners following agile development methodology
Proponents of pragmatism with a flair for simplifying complexity.
We aren't
A large faceless consultancy firm - our customers have direct access to all members of the project team
Providers of 'quick fix' over-promising and under-delivering off-the-shelf software tools - our solutions are tailor-made for each customer
Focussed on churning through clients for a quick profit leaving them without an effective long-term data partner or strategy
We do
Bespoke, well thought out and fully functional reporting tool agnostic solutions
Ongoing hosting, support and maintenance as well as training and knowledge transfer to allow customers to support our solutions in-house
Best practice consultancy services to assist our clients to become data driven and extract value out of their data

Are you looking for solutions for data integration and processing? You don’t have to replace your entire infrastructure!

We provide solutions tailored to the processes of your organisation in order to improve the efficiency of using key business data.
Save time and money with our customised data transformation solutions.

How do we work?

Prodinity understands the financial, operational and reputational risk of embarking on a project and failing to deliver. There are after all numerous horror stories of expensive public sector IT projects failing or getting cancelled without any benefit ever derived after several years of development.

We endeavour to help de-risk the investment decisions of our clients in 4 steps.
Initial engagement including analysis, workshops and proof of concept development and delivery
Project management
Project management with regular communication and transparency on progress and time incurred
Agile moves
Agile approach with short phases of development and deliverables
Implementation and support
Handover of effective solution ownership to clients, assisting in testing, documentation, training and ongoing support

Why Us

We have been guided by unchanging values ​​for years!

Simplicity, pragmatism, agility - our philosophy is to create bespoke solutions that will maximise the value of your data.
Fully functional - Zero redundancy
Our team members reflect a blend of deep industry insight gained from many years’ experience with new innovative and emerging technologies and talent.
We train our team members so that they are able to move on and treat them so that they want to stay
We build close relationships with our clients. Only in this way can we get to know them and their unique needs. Our cooperation with clients is based on mutual trust built up over years.
What matters to us is quality rather than quantity of implemented solutions

The best solution for better decision making. 100% useful data for:

CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and COO’s
Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing Functions
Managers, Analysts, Strategists
Anyone else wanting to become data driven

Do you want to improve your company’s results? Join the group of brands that use data wisely.

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Our clients

We have been guided by unchanging values ​​for years


Prodinity designed and built a data warehouse and OLAP reporting solution which contained all our global GL data sourced from Thomson Reuters’ financial and practice management software. This enabled the firm to report results significantly faster with deeper and more flexible analysis and with the ability to slice and dice data as required.
Peter Grummett
GL Reporting and Control
Prodinity designed and implemented a data warehouse and insight solution for the Group which enabled us to accurately establish our credit exposures and revolutionised our reporting capability.
James Doswell
Head of Information Technology
Prodinity quickly and effectively designed and supported a solution that significantly sped up our global budget and forecasting processes.
Wil van der Walt
Finance & BI Manager

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