Mission & Vision


For years, our mission has been to help companies make better use of data locked up in their systems! We know from experience how many problems result from ineffective data processing. We meet the needs of companies that are looking for solutions to accelerate business decision-making and ways to improve their performance. We are guided by usability, simplicity and honesty. We provide helpful solutions that bring real benefits.

Easy data interpretation

We are often approached by organisations expressing their frustration with the fact that, despite having expensive and leading edge operational and financial systems, they are unable to produce meaningful, unambiguous, consistent and relevant information from such systems. It is our view that most operational and financial systems are not suited architecturally for reporting purposes and to achieve this goal, the data of an organisation has to be transformed and stored in a consistent and reporting friendly structure (a data warehouse) from where key business insights can be derived without having to apply further business logic or coding. Therefore, if two individuals in an organisation ask the same question, they should always get the same answer, irrespective of the method of seeking the answer from such a data warehouse. This is what is meant by having one version of the truth. Prodinity uses Kimball design methodology and we find a hybrid of Agile and Scrum project management practices to be optimal.