5 September 2023

Learning lessons from the recent MOVEit hack

Jack Viljoen, Head of Prodinity Cyber Solutions, provides a cyber safety 101 to avoid vendor-related cyber attacks.

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26 July 2023

Insights for insurance intermediaries: 2023 is the year for intermediaries to get under their bonnets

With modest global growth on the cards and a subdued outlook for M&A, Theunis Viljoen, CEO of Prodinity, explains why 2023 is the year in which insurance intermediaries must give their internal insights a full MOT in preparation for the expected 2024 rebound.

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20 June 2023

MOVEit Hack Exposes Major Corporations’ Vulnerabilities: A Call for Enhanced Cyber Security Measures

Jack Viljoen, Head of Prodinity Cyber Solutions, highlights the lessons to learn from the recent wave of large-scale vendor-related cyber attacks.

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17 April 2023

How Data Pooling Can Benefit Trade Associations

Overcoming issues of confidentiality and data integrity can be a challenge when it comes to trade associations sharing market data; but as guest contributor Gary Roethenbaugh, Head of Prodinity Data Pooling, discusses, data pooling can resolve these common problems – and can even help with member recruitment and retention.

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27 February 2023

Who is your cyber security hero?

With access to client data, medium-sized businesses are a lucrative target for cyber criminals. And yet, as Jack Viljoen, Head of Cyber at Prodinity discovers, not every company has a role dedicated to cyber security….

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3 March 2022

Blueprint Two: time to sync or swim?

As the reaction and debate around the update note to Blueprint Two continues, Theunis Viljoen, CEO of Prodinity, hones in on the issues that remain at the heart of everything: data and interoperability.

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