What do I need a Prodinity solution for?

If your organisation struggles to produce fast and accurate reporting from your existing systems, Prodinity’s insight solutions will help you to produce consistent, fast and real-time business insight for better decisions and improved results, at a fraction of your current cost.

How does a Prodinity solution differ from other Data Management tools?

Prodinity’s bespoke insight solutions incorporate other data management tools but offer much more than off-the-shelf data tools. Our solutions provide an end-to-end solution incorporating the loading and transformation of data, applying business logic and feeding transformed and reporting ready data into the reporting and planning tools of your choice. 

Is a Prodinity solution the same as iPaaS (Integration platform as-a-service)?

Prodinity solutions can integrate with iPaas solutions as part of the initial load and first tier data transformation process. However, for more complex data transformation, we find creating our own bespoke transformation logic faster and more effective.

Do I need to stop using my current reporting tools?

Prodinity’s insight solutions are reporting tool agnostic that means that you can continue to use your existing reporting tools including Excel, leveraging value from your existing investment in systems and reporting tools.

How long does it take to implement our solutions?

Our bespoke solutions are designed and implemented with your specific requirements in mind. The time required naturally depends on the complexity of your data and requirements. Our projects typically take from 2 weeks and onwards to deliver with a direct relationship between the length of the project and the value derived. 

How much does a Prodinity solution cost?

Our consultant rates are very competitive. Due to the bespoke nature of our solutions, the cost of a solution is therefore likely to start from EUR20k with expected annual savings from EUR 50k.

What if after implementation it turns out that I am not satisfied with the functionalities?

This situation has never occurred during our 16 years of operations. Our customers are completely engaged during each phase of the development process. Each phase of the development is approved by the customer before commencing with the next phase. At any stage of the development, a customer has the right to decide not to continue with a project. In the highly unlikely event that a customer is not satisfied with the functionalities as delivered, we would of course endeavour to resolve any issues and in the final instance offer a refund if an issue cannot be resolved. 

Is a Prodinity solution easy to use?

At Prodinity we create simplicity from complexity. Using our insight and planning solutions is significantly easier and faster than trying to report directly from your front-end transactional systems.